Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Professionals uniquely 2 sections designed for full figure shaping from under chest to hip after pregnancy.

Made in Denmark; approved and recommended by professional gynecologist and plastic surgeon; shape body safely.

Made with DuPont® Lycra and fully adjustable design to ensure gentle and adjustable compression; safety and comfort.

Made with high quality organic cotton and OEKO-TEX® certified materials to let you feel comfy and breathable, protect your health.

Measuring Method

Exclusive Original 2 Sections Postpartum Belly Wrap Design – Full Figure Shaping From Under Chest to Hip

MOMent™ Postpartum Belly Wrap is an exclusive original designed by experts. This band provides necessary compression from under chest to pelvic for speed up muscle and body shape recovery postpartum to avoid long term or permanent muscle relaxing and fat built, they are caused by post-natal body changed. Smart 2 sections band design fits vary height and body shape to allow apply compression for different part of body precisely.

Made In Denmark

MOMent™ Postpartum Belly Wrap is proudly designed in Europe and made in Denmark. Give you enough confidence.

Professional Recommended – Approved and Recommended by Gynecologist and Plastic Surgeon Experts; Trustable!

MOMent™ Postpartum Belly Wraps is tested, approved and recommended by gynecologist and plastic surgeon experts. Confirmed that this belt is effectively recovery, re-build and slim-up abdomen and pelvic area safely by applying suitable compression for under chest, tummy and hip area.

Made with DuPont® Lycra and Fully Adjustable Design – Gentle and Adjustable Compression Ensure Safety and Comfort

MOMent™ Postpartum Belly Wraps is made with DuPont® Lycra. Our experts calculate elasticity and compression carefully. Fully adjustable structures allow user to adjust compression level for different part of body. In order to provide soft stretchy to give you sufficiency and gentle compression in the targeted areas and taking care of special needs for post-natal simultaneously. It is safety and comfort.

The Best Natural Organic Cotton – The Best for Your Skin!

Ultra Comfort and Soft! Natural organic cotton is the best material for protecting your skin.
We strictly select only the Grade A natural organic cotton, use the best cotton to make the best underwear. For the sake of letting you feel ultimate comfort, soft and breathable!

Safety Assurance – Do Not Contain Any Harmful Element!

Product safety always come first! Underwear touch your body directly, any harmful substance on the garment could harm to you.
Our material technicians select only the highest quality materials. All our materials is complied Oeko-tex standard and we conducted all necessary materials safety tests. To ensure our product is safe and do not contain any harmful substance. So that you can choose and wear our product confidently.

Antimicrobial Treatment – Care Skin Health and Fresh!

Underwear touch your skin directly and have ability to retain moisture, microorganisms can easily grow and attack your skin and health.
Our products are treated with Silvadur™ antimicrobial system, which is the most effective and highly durable antimicrobial agent that prevents microorganism reproduction, to protect your skin health and make you feel fresh always.

Suitable Size You Can Find – From 31 to 47inches Hip; 29 to 45inches Waist!

How to measure your hip or waist size?
You may find your hip or waist size easily by bring the measuring tape around your back to the front hip or waist (see Measure Diagram).

Measure Diagram

Postpartum Belly Wrap Size Chart


DO NOT Compress TOO TIGHT or Hard to Breath
STOP using when feeling continuous uncomfortable. If keep feeling painful or any uncomfortable, please consult your doctor.
Please DO NOT wearing it over 4hours each time.
Don’t succumb to the pressure of getting your body back so quickly. Take care of yourself! :-)

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