Luxury Vest Tube - Buy Nursing Bra, Enjoy HKD$59 To Get This Too!! 多彩背心 - 凡購任何孕婦餵奶胸圍可以特惠價加HKD$59換購

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Perfectly for hooking on our Maternity Nursing Bra and formed a wonderful maternity nursing vest. 完美地扣在我們的孕婦餵奶胸圍上,化身成孕婦餵奶背心

Can perfectly replacing the vest tube of our Luxury Maternity Nursing Vest. 可作替換多彩餵奶背心的背心筒

Made with high quality organic cotton and safe materials to protect you and your baby. 純天然高級有機棉質,柔軟、舒適,安全驗證,絕無有害物質,呵護你及BB﹔漂亮配色,性感可愛

Measuring Method 量度方法

Remark 注: During special promotional period, you may enjoy HKD$59 each to get this Luxury Vest Tube when purchase our Nursing Bra. You could enjoy this special offer for the quantity equal(max. 10) or less than your total order quantity of our Luxury Maternity Nursing Bra / Maternity Nursing Bra. If you would like to order extra Luxury Vest Tube, please click here. Offers are available on a first-come-first served basis and while stock last. Discount will be reflected in the grand total section of the shopping cart. 限量推廣期內,凡購買我們的孕婦餵奶胸圍,可以特惠價HKD$59,換購此多彩背心,您可享有此優惠購買數量等於或少於您購買的孕婦餵奶胸圍,如需購買額外數量的多彩背心,請點擊此

The Best Natural Orangic Cotton – The Best for You and Baby’s Skin!

Ultra Comfort and Soft! Natural cotton is the best material for protecting sensitive skin of mother and baby.
We strictly select only the Grade A natural cotton, use the best cotton to make the best underwear. For the sake of letting you feel ultimate comfort and soft!

Safety Assurance – Do Not Contain Any Harmful Element to Protect Mother and Baby!

Product safety always come first! Underwear touch your body directly, any harmful substance on the garment could harm to you and your baby. This is especially important for maternity bra since bra is wrap around your breast, any harmful substance on the bra could harm to your breast and also transmit those harmful substance to your milk – baby’s food – and cause damage to your baby.
Our material technicians select only the highest quality materials. All our materials is complied Oeko-tex standard and we conducted all necessary materials safety tests for fabric, nursing clasp, strap, etc. To ensure our product is safe for maternity/breastfeeding and do not contain any harmful substance. So that you can choose and wear our product confidently.

Professionals Recommended – Tested by Obstetrics and Gynecologist Experts!

Multiple tests by professional obstetrics and gynecologist to confirm function and health of wearing our underwear.
Professional advice pregnant and breastfeeding mother wearing bra without hard wire to reduce risk of breast cancer.

Antimicrobial Treatment – Care Skin Health and Fresh!

Underwear touch your skin directly and have ability to retain moisture, microorganisms can easily grow and attack your skin and health.
Our products are treated with Silvadur™ antimicrobial system, which is the most effective and highly durable antimicrobial agent that prevents microorganism reproduction, to protect your skin health and make you feel fresh always.

Nursing Vest Too – Become a Nursing Vest When Hook It On Our Maternity Nursing Bra Or The Built-in Bra of Our Luxury Maternity Nursing Vest!

This Vest Tube is not only a vest, but also we may change it to a nursing vest easily by just hook it perfectly on our Maternity Nursing Bra or the built-in bra of our Luxury Maternity Nursing Vest.
You may also able to hook this vest tube to any other drop cup nursing bra to form a nursing vest.
It gives you a choice for flexible.

Valuable Price – The Greatest Value Maternity Nursing Vest!

We hope to let mother have a choice of high quality, safe, great function, comfortable and beautiful design maternity wear with an affordable price. Happy shopping!

Suitable Size You Can Find – Full Coverage Size Range, Up To 44H/I Now!
How to measure your band size?
You may find your band/underbust size easily by measure across the bottom of your band, directly under the bust and across your ribcage. Make sure to keep your measuring tape straight around the back to front (see Measure Diagram). If you get an odd number, round up to the next even number to get your band size.
How to get your cup size?
Firstly, measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust, with the tape straight across and around your back, bringing it to the front (see Measure Diagram).
Then, subtract your band measurement from this bust measurement. The difference calculates your bra size - each inch represents a cup size (see Cup Size Grading Chart). For example, if you measure a 34 inch band size, and a 36 inch cup size, the difference is 2: which would indicate a B cup.

Measure Diagram

Cup Size Grading Chart

Luxury Maternity Nursing Vest Size Chart

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